Data Mundi builds cloud-based solutions to improve communication and interaction between early-stage start-ups and investors.

Data Mundi is a project born within Brightlands. It has been in development since end of 2016.


Alix Rufas

Team Lead

Alix has a background in research and project management. She has been involved in the start-up scene for a few years. She initiated Data Mundi in October 2016 and is always on the lookout for open-minded rockstars to add to the team. Find out more about her here.

Andra Visanoiu

Operations & Marketing

Andra is a real go-getter. Whatever comes her way, she handles. She has a background in Marketing, International Business and Management. Find out more about her here.

Theresa Schnepp

Market Research

Theresa is the pure representation of ambition. With a background in Silicon Valley's start-up environment and International Management, she is the perfect Market Research Wizard a company can only dream of. Find more about her here

Maksim Krupnov

Operations & Marketing

Maksim is a problem-solver. Whether the issue is operational, financial or marketing-related, Maksim always finds an "outside-the-box" way of solving it. Find more about him here

Board of Advisors

Léon Klinkers

Business Strategy Advisor & Mentor

Paulien Strijland

UX Design Advisor

Onno Ponfoort

Business Strategy Advisor

Rutger van Wersch

Customer & Product Development Advisor

Chris Verkaamp

Product Development & Marketing Advisor

Ana Florescu

Business Development Advisor & Mentor

Ronald Jansen

Business Strategy Advisor